April & I started this blog when I visited her in Phoenix last; now we will be reuniting (YAAY) in her new city, Portland (well, not really new for her, but for me). I’m incredibly excited, and if anyone has suggestions for places to visit, that would be awesome!

Keep being weird!






Though this photo by Annie Leibovitz for VOGUE was taken in 2009, I re-fell in love with it while looking on another photographer’s blog (yes, this is what I do after work. Productive, I know). Who are your favorite photographers? Have a great week everyone!



Although I am a big fan of the period we live in, it would be quite magical to visit what Earth was like around 100 years ago. Luckily, Downton Abbey exists (and I know I am rather late on the uptake) and can fulfill this dream. I watched the entire series in one week, and I cannot wait for the season 3 finale tomorrow. If anyone has spare time, (hahaha, right) then watching Downton Abbey may be a wonderful way to fill it. Have a great weekend everyone!




Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while! I hope those in the NE stayed safe during the storm. I stumbled upon this film short yesterday and fell in love with it; it is a world I want to live in. Entitled, The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak, this six minute short explores brain activity of children on amusement park rides, and by that I mean it is a magical world to escape in. Below are some screen-grabs from the film. Happy Sunday!




I was introduced to Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium, and it is by far my favorite iPhone game. Not only is it well illustrated, but also it quickly passes the time on the subway. Below are a few screen shots of some of the icons, and you can download it from the App store! Have a great week everyone!